We can’t fly,
but we can make wings.

You have the idea.
We do the rest.

Leave us to do the donkey work.
Go create.

We provide solutions
from A to Z.

is a network.

‘I want to invite you to look into the mirror and see the world differently’
‘It should feel like a dream’
‘I need to work in a secure place’
‘Could you help us handle our collection’
‘I want to be seen’
‘I want to build a shelter’
‘We want reach out to people’

Liège (Head office)

Rue Léon Frédéricq 14
4020 Liège – Belgium
T +32 (0)4 344 15 62


Place Flagey 18
1050 Brussels – Belgium
T +32 (0)4 344 15 62

We are an art production company and multidisciplinary consultancy specializing in helping art projects achieve their objectives.

We support artists, collectors, institutions and any interested private or public entity.

We offer a range of on-demand support services in any of the areas which may be needed to ensure an art project succeeds.

Framework is the brainchild of two synergistic personalities, a Belgian art collector and businessman, and a young architect.

We are motivated by a shared ambition to promote contemporary art.

We are both passionate in our belief that we are living in a time when it is more important than ever to encourage initiatives which support the work of artists.

Well known for our flexibility, we tailor access to our expertise and international network to your specific needs, and quickly mobilize the resources and skillsets best suited to your project.

Framework is an independent offshoot of Cecoforma, a Belgian event management and communication company.

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Technical support

Thanks to our breadth of experience, we can advise you in the development of your projects. We offer a comprehensive approach, identifying your particular needs and the most relevant expertise. We proudly guarantee tailormade services, regardless of the project’s scale, status or prestige.

Exhibition development

We develop and produce exhibitions. Thanks to our extensive network, we can call at short notice on internationally renowned experts. We can help with everything from exhibits of a single work to major art fairs.

Exhibition scenography

We assist you in the development of your exhibition project. Working with you, we design your desired scenography. We oversee the installation of both the scenography and your artworks. We manage all phases of the project up to and including dismantling.

Artwork production

Over the years, we have built and consolidated an international network of professionals and partners. Comprising both skilled artisans and companies specialized in the development of new technologies, our network covers a wide range of activities. Thus, we can pick the ideal partner for the needs of your project.

Project management

We manage your project from start to finish: budgeting, scheduling and resources. You receive regular status updates. On-time delivery is our hallmark.

Studio management

We can support you with a one-off project, or on a regular basis in the everyday management of your studio, including administrative management, project follow-up, materials ordering and project budgets.

Collection management

We can handle management of your collection. Through our network, we can take care of inventory, moving, restoration and insurance.

Administrative management

We can provide help with all your administrative procedures, such as submitting residence applications, applying for grants and subsidies, replying to calls for proposals and calls for tender, and travel arrangements.

Art handling

We offer assistance with transporting and hanging your artwork.